Now you see it!


Bit of a puzzle for you this morning! Can you find the mark on the ceiling? Take your time, it’s not exactly staring you in the face.

If you can’t don’t worry, because my four year old can. He spotted this minuscule mark on his ceiling the other night and it caused such distress that he refused to sleep in his own bed (this is not uncommon just a new complaint). He was deeply fearful that the mark was moving, that it would fall off and so a bedtime breakdown began.

His genuine upset and already lack of sleep courtesy of daylight saving meant there was no quarrel about this tiny person dictating where he slept that night. I did try to demonstrate that the mark would come off. Cue me, 5ft something trying to balance on his bed with a brush in hand aiming at the high ceiling and hoping to fuck the mark would fall off and that would be the end of this nightmare. Alas no! So not to be defeated by the mark and it’s maker (him) I got the mop out thinking it will wipe off. Did it fuck.

So in he came, to my super king size sanctuary and nodded off in contented smugment. Little did he know my plan to emulsion the ceiling the next day, he would be back in his own room once more. I would be the victor!

He had other plans, I awoke in the morning after a night of miniature martial arts and kung fu to the throat only to discover he had slept like a log and pissed my bed just to prove who was boss!

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