Cos life

It’s been a while! There was Christmas, which was lovely and little love himself had thee best time. He is such a believer of all things Christmas (like his mama) so it was more than magical except when he declared he needed a poo before opening his presents. I think it was all the excitement. Then there was New Year which was also lovely spent with family and friends. Kinda regretted the late nights, we all ended up with ‘festive jet-lag’ including the pre schooler so that was not a fun turnaround. I ate too much, drank too much and haven’t yet rectified this situation but something’s gotta give and it’ll probably be a chair! I’ve made zero resolutions, still give zero fucks about the things I gave zero fucks about before and that is likely to continue.

I spent yesterday shovelling snow only for it to snow again overnight. I’ve had a flat tyre, been a damsel in distress while rescued by the RAC and therefore slightly stressed out as a result. Husband is away so at this very moment in time little love and I are still in bed, he has the ever educational company of the iPad as I type away and fanny about customising themes on the blog.

We will surface soon, get out our pyjamas, face the snow and start the day but for now this is exactly where I want to be. Until later when we go and get him registered for school, how the fuckity fuck did this happen?

Could be in the market for a surrogate soon…

CV’s and personal statements can be emailed directly.


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