To be judged


Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, the school gate brigade or the nosey bastard behind you eyeballing your food shop as you frantically throw everything (yes everything) on the moving conveyor belt – there will be judgement. In some shape or form, be it mild or malicious it is becoming so apparent in today’s society that everyone is judging everybody else!
It could be your hair, your clothes, your car, where you live, your career choices, how you parent, where you shop, where your kids go to school, where you holiday, (if you holiday) the list goes on. It’s a shit state of affairs but it’s happening and the thing that really sucks is how bad people are at it. Yeah judge, judge on Judy but don’t do the ‘eye roll, the sly look, or the disapproving tut. Go away and judge in private behind those twitchy curtains and feel free to think the thoughts, just don’t put them out there, don’t verbalise your venom or send those judgey vibes out into the atmosphere because they are toxic, they taint you and you can’t take them back. Some people are better at judging than others. Some have the tact, diplomacy and humanity to do it on the down low then move the fuck on with their own lives. Others, sadly not so much.
Is judging just human nature? I don’t actually know the answer to that and I’m not gonna lie and say I have never nor never will be a judger myself but what I can say is that I truly wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, to make them feel they had to justify their life choices or that their decisions weren’t good enough or the right ones.
What I do believe now more than ever is that we all need to cut ourselves and each other some slack and show more compassion. Most people (myself included) are fighting battles people know nothing about and although we may slap on the war paint and smile on the outside there will certainly be a lot more going on behind the scenes. We are all simply doing the best we can, but if doing the best we can isn’t good enough for some people then they can go and jog the fuck on, all the way back to their ivory tower.

Not judging

Just sayin’ 😉

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