It’s not hip’pening!


At last a reprieve! I am no longer living in fear of more serious surgery (well not for a while). At least 5- 10 years to be vaguely precise. I saw the hip guy last month and he reckons I suck it up for a while, ditch the idea of a Pelvic Osteotomy (PAO) and go for a Total Hip Replacement (THR) later on in life. Well if it’s good enough for my mammy…

I wasn’t exactly keen on having my pelvis broken and reset with screws but I knew after those fifteen hours on the table, rib removal and double spinal fusion I could handle it. But could I handle being away from my son, the isolation, the vulnerability of being a dependant, the intense pain, the rehab, the meds, the med withdrawals and the long term trauma to body and mind? Fuck no! If I had to, I could but I’m so glad I don’t (for now).

To begin with I felt pretty fobbed off that I’d have to accept this pain for many more years to come but I can see the benefit of holding on to my own hip for as long as possible. A THR will only last so long and I’m still fairly young. So here’s to hip dysplasia for the foreseeable but hey at least I can stay on the good meds!


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