The Tale of Tinmum


Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a spinal cord tumour cut from her spine. As the girl grew she had her appendix taken out, when she was older still she had a rib removed until finally one day her gallbladder gave up and was pulled out through her tummy button along with some omentum (stomach lining) just for good measure.

All was not lost for the girl as she received many things in return. She gained three titanium rods, twenty titanium screws, one titanium cage, a bone donor’s femur, several scars and lots and lots of blood. 

Some may question whether this girl is actually the same girl who started out.

Some days the girl questions this too.

The girl goes by the name ‘Tinmum’! 

Tinmum can’t touch her toes but she’s doing alright!

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